Genius Group Future Focused Curriculum

About Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum is being created in direct response to the challenges in the current education system. We began by making our curriculum as an addition for the existing education system. We are now developing a lifelong curriculum to provide a full government accredited entrepreneurial alternative to the current systems offered from K-12, through university, and on to vocational and entrepreneurial training.

We believe that students, employees, freelancers, and startup founders all want to learn how to be entrepreneurial and “create a job” instead of needing to “get a job”. We believe that the current education system and online courses do not provide any recognized curriculum that they can rely on.

The global education industry is in dire need of revitalization. The 2020 World Economic Forum “Schools of the Future” report highlights the urgent need for a more relevant curriculum to prepare students and adults for the future. The COVID-19 crisis has amplified the necessity to overhaul the system.

About Our Curriculum

Who benefits from the Genius Curriculum?

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Why are we building the Genius Curriculum?

The global education industry is in dire need of revitalization. The 2020 World Economic Forum “Schools of the Future” report highlights the urgent need for a more relevant curriculum to prepare students and adults for the future. The COVID-19 crisis has amplified the necessity to overhaul the system.

According to the World Economic Forum, there are eight critical characteristics in content and experiences that will define high-quality learning during this Fourth Industrial Revolution, “Education 4.0”. They are the same eight pillars that define our entrepreneur education curriculum:

Global citizenship skills
Innovation and creativity skills
Technology skills
Interpersonal skills
Personalized and self-paced learning
Accessible and inclusive learning
Problem-based and collaborative learning
Lifelong and student - driven learning

Our edtech platform enables learning at every stage of development.


Through programs that train students how to create a position for themselves as an entrepreneur, we are developing a system that prepares students for the future. Over the last eight years since the launch of Wealth Dynamics, Entrepreneurs Institute, GeniusU, and Entrepreneur Resorts, we have proven ourselves as a leader in the education revolution.

Our system identifies the preferences and level of each student and uses a series of tests to identify their talents, passions, and driving purpose as it aligns with the 17 United Nations Global Goals. Each student can connect with other students, mentors, and faculty members whose profile matches their own.

Our edtech platform enables learning at every stage of development. Learning and discovery are lifelong activities, and we have acquired companies that are leading the way in providing educational options for every stage of life in the 21st Century.


0 to 7 years old

Our early learning program begins from birth, with a highly successful model. In this model, parents hire certified home educators for their children ages 0-7 years old. All home educators are trained in both child care and education, with children participating in group learning activities.


The children learn through play, with a connection to the environment and citizenship. This home-based service is being expanded globally via our community of certified home educators who utilize the mentor and microschool tools on GeniusU. This growth is being expanded in cities around the world with the support of our City Leaders.


6 to 14 years old

Our current primary school programs range from entrepreneur microcamps and microschools to full school programs.

Primary school students have the option of joining our camps to cultivate leadership and accelerated learning skills. They can also join with their family at our Safari Lodge or our Bali resort or even participating in the Young Entrepreneur Academy and create their own startup.



12 to 18 years old

Alongside microcamps online and on-campus programs, our campus model extends to a full high school diploma. Students at this age cultivate leadership skills; accelerated learning skills including literacy, memorization, and speed reading; entrepreneurial skills including product design, market testing, and creating their pitch deck; and self-awareness through assessments and visioneering.


We are developing a secondary curriculum leading to graduation through the UK and US high school system, set to launch in 2021. This will be in partnership with accredited examination partners, delivered online or by a tutor, and will blend learning with partnership schools and our School Campuses. We are also developing our Genius Central Hub in Singapore into a city campus model that we will be licensing via our City Leaders and entrepreneur network around the world.

We are also developing our Genius Central Hub in Singapore into a city campus model that we will be licensing via our City Leaders and entrepreneur network around the world.


16 to 22 years old

Our tertiary education model provides career-focused programs at the Masters, Bachelors, and Associates Degree levels as well as certificates and continuing education programs in the high-demand sectors of industry.


Our plan is to extend the degrees offered by the University to students who choose to pursue higher education, tracking their progress on our GeniusU platform. With this, we will be the first edtech company to be offering our own US-accredited degree level programs online.

The facilities on campus at the university will grow to include an innovations lab and startup accelerator for student initiatives, connecting them with entrepreneurs for support and mentorship. Our Genius Apprentice Program connects young entrepreneurs around the world with sponsors who provide guidance while they complete their studies.



16 to 80 years old

Our adult learning begins with free microdegrees and masterclasses. Students can pay for live courses, training tools, mentoring sessions, and faculty services. The Wealth Dynamics and Talent Dynamics Tests identify students’ entrepreneur and leader profiles. Our Impact Dynamics system outlines specific steps along the entrepreneur journey; the mentors, microdegrees, and microschools on GeniusU provide students support at every level.


Entrepreneurs Institute supplements the online programs of GeniusU with in-person training and events like the Global Entrepreneur Summit, the Impact Investor Retreat, Wealth Dynamics Masters Retreats, Entrepreneur 5.0 Events, and Entrepreneur Fast Track Events. Entrepreneurs Institute also runs monthly Entrepreneur Socials hosted by city leaders around the world, adding a high touch, local element to the high tech, global delivery on GeniusU.


18 to 100+ years old

We have grown 9,400 partners and 2,000 faculty through the path students have taken to rise to a mentor level within our community. GeniusU mentors can earn on the platform as a regional partner or as a faculty member. Each position comes with an annual fee, a percentage of revenue, and certification courses so our partner community and faculty maintain proficiency


Mentors receive ratings from their students, ensuring that students are always learning from the faculty and courses that are most relevant and that the curriculum is always updated. While teachers in the traditional education system are limited by their class size, the impact they can have, and the amount they can earn, our GeniusU platform and global community enable our best mentors to reach a global audience.

Many of our faculty and partners have built multi-million dollar education businesses as a result of our system, including the majority of Genius Group’s acquired companies.


Meet Our Community

Our community of 2.7+ million students across 20,345 cities and 200 countries meets online and in over 500 events with over 7,500 new students joining every week.

Our faculty consists of over 2,000 mentors and certified trainers delivering online and in-person education as part of a multi-year curriculum for entrepreneurs to build expertise in their fields. Our faculty includes world-famous entrepreneurs and NY Times bestselling thought leaders.

Our community is a vital part of our company, with students returning at each stage of their entrepreneurial journey to make new connections, pursue new opportunities, and increase their learning. Returning students bring their teams and partners with them, creating a high level of referral via word-of-mouth as the value of their experience increases.


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Take a simple assessment of your internal values and get guidance writing your 3 month vision. Set your goals for how you want to learn, live, earn and give. Gain an overview of the tools and resources available to you so that you can learn how to use your Genie and GeniusU to design your ideal life and business and connect to your new global community.

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Many of our retreats and programs including Wealth Dynamics Masters, Crystal Circle Mentoring, iLAB, and Entrepreneur Resorts Masterclasses are hosted here. With facilities like conference and meeting rooms, a library, and coworking spaces, Vision Villa is a relaxing destination for both entrepreneurs and tourists to enjoy.


Located in the Madikwe Game Reserve on the far northern border of South Africa, this safari lodge has luxury spa facilities as well as a convention center; making a prime location for hosting Genius Group retreats, accelerator programs, Wealth Dynamics Masters, Crystal Circle Masters, and iLAB programs.


Matla Game Lodge is a private members only lodge offering a luxurious alternative for either a group of friends, a small business getaway or for a larger family preferring to be hosted separate from other visitors or for any special occasion.

This private venue is perfect for the discerning traveler, as it balances the wild pulses of the surrounding bush with a style that is distinctly African, delivering the ultimate personalized service and attention to detail from the moment you arrive.


Genius Café is a coworking cafe, where entrepreneurship, healthy lifestyle, education, wellbeing and care for the environment meetup. It is a platform for entrepreneurs to unleash and cultivate their talents, learn new skills, and network with other like-minded Geniuses.


This co-working cafe holds health as its top priority, serving food made of the best ingredients to help supply bodies with the vitamins and minerals necessary to function optimally. During this pandemic, the cafe is delivering food but generally acts as an event, coworking, and thinktank space.


University of Antelope Valley (UAV) is an accredited university based on a 10-acre campus in Lancaster, California. It offers career-focused on-campus and online programs at the master’s, bachelor’s and associate degree level, as well as certificate and continuing education programs in several high-demand sectors.